We write to introduce our company AFRIROPES LIMITED and seek for an opportunity to serve you.
The Company foundation are built on over 20 years’ experience in Ropes and Rigging services on-shore and offshore.
AFRIROPES LIMITED, a company formed in the early part of 1996 and registered with the Department of Petroleum Resources of NNPC prides itself with the ability to perform creditably in the ever competitive and sophisticated world of Oil and Gas and marine industry.
The following products and services are amongst what we offer:
Slings fabrication and management/services
Pull testing/recertification of slings and other lifting gears
Wire ropes socketing using wire lock resin
Supply of wire ropes, webbing sling, shackles, wire clips, safety hooks, swivel hooks, lubricants, hoisting equipment, manual handling equipment etc
Provide Marine ropes, soft ropes, Nets, personnel, cargo, scramble nets, helipad, Gangway all according to specifications
Provide other marine services supply of cylindrical buoy, fenders, and other marine safety equipment.
Product identification/Colour coding