Our Lifting Equipment

Afriropes Limited deals on supply of standard lifting equipment, some of which include,


We can also supply bespoke shackles for special marine or installation operations with a higher Working Load Limit (W.L.L) requirement.

Our of brilliant technical sales team will work with you to determine the optimum solution to your rigging and lifting operation, identifying, and supplying the right size, quantity, capacity, and design of shackle that will ensure a safe and efficient operation.

Beam Clamps

Our range of clamps are designed to fit RSJ/I-beams (I / H profile). It is important that the operation and user manual is read and followed correctly to ensure that the clamp is used correctly – suspended from a beam or secondary steelwork and not used to lift a beam.

Afriropes Limited offers only top-quality beam clamps from reputable manufacturers. Many of these products are very similar with small differences in design which make them more suitable to specific types of operations. Offering a wide selection of sizes and capacities from 0.5kg to 30,000kg for some of the adjustable Superclamps for special applications.  We can also support requests for bespoke clamps, working with our team to produce alternative safe working loads and sizes to suit our customers specification / requirements

Chain Block

Our chain blocks are robust and reliable and have a variety of features including Quad Cam pawls, cross-hauling capabilities, and load limiters to ensure that your safety is never compromised. We also supply a variety of chain blocks for different operations including subsea applications.

Wire Ropes

Afriropes Limited is the largest African supplier of high-performance steel wire rope for all applications and all models of cranes, elevators, winches, and other lifting equipment. The engagement and expertise of our Technical Sales team allows us to offer bespoke solutions for a wide variety of applications and can provide full product advice along with technical guidance on the most suitable materials and grade for any application.

We are proud to offer an extensive product range of wire ropes and fittings for a variety of industries including: Construction, Marine and drilling.

Our product range includes:
• Galvanized Wire Ropes in 6 X 19, 6 X 25, and 6 X 36 construction and non-rotating.
• Crane ropes from the world’s leading brands such as: Casar, Teufelberger, and Python.
• AISI 316 stainless steel wire ropes for Architectural, Yacht Rigging

Beam Trolley

We offer the standard range of uniquely designed trolleys that can be modified to suit client’s specific requirements and are often the primary choice for the Nigerian oil and gas industry. We offer quite an extensive range of capacities, from 500kg to 10,000kg but can also supply heavy-duty push and geared travel trolleys up to 50,000kgs on request.

Our technical partnership with global manufacturers and our distributors also allows us to offer bespoke units for use in potentially explosive environments or highly corrosive marine environments ensuring our customers have a good choice in functionality of design, quality, price, and availability. All our beam trolleys come with individual certificates and EC Declaration of Conformity.

Round webbing slings

We supply round slings that are manufactured to the latest CE European Standards. Our round slings are supplied with manufacturers’ certificate of conformity as part of the supply package and are in colors in accordance with the British Standard. This helps to ensure easy recognition of the working load limit (W.L.L.) of the sling.


We are pleased to provide our customers with technical solutions, enabling you to tailor your lifting operation and choice of hooks in accordance with your loading needs. Our extensive selection of fittings includes all types of lifting hooks, Grab Hooks, Clutches, Swivel Lifting Hooks, Eye Lifting Hooks, Clevis Lifting Hooks, and Automatic Lifting Hooks. Each of these hooks come in various forms, such as those with spring self-locking gates or safety pins included. Every lifting hook can be selected in a range of sizes from around 7mm to 32mm. This enables you to obtain the most precise lifting technique.

Each of our hooks are 100% proof tested, making sure to meet all the necessary health and safety standards and supplied with all relevant certifications including Declaration of Conformity certificates. If you are looking for bespoke Hook solutions urgently or require any technical guidance as to which hooks would be most suitable for your application, please get in touch with us today.

Lever Hoist

Our hand operated ratchet Lever Hoists (also known as Pull Lifts) are used effectively for pulling, lifting, and positioning loads. They are a very versatile piece of lifting equipment and are supplied from our meticulous selection of credible manufacturers including Yale, Tiger Lifting, Kito, Hackett, and Ingersoll Rand. We stock a significant number of various sizes, Height of Lift (H.O.L), W.L.L from our accredited manufacturers that will suit every situation regardless of the complexity of the lifting operation. We offer lever hoists made from many different materials with pressed steel body, cast iron body and aluminum construction.

Other Lifting Equipment

The above mentioned are some of the lifting equipment we supply at Afriropes Limited. There are other lifting equipment available in our company. Fill out the order form below and you’ll be few seconds away from getting your form attended to.