Slings Fabrication/Managements

We are a leading company in sling fabrication in Nigeria particular in the Niger Delta. Our slings meet BS 13414-1: 2003 Standard and Factories Act 1990.

We also manage every sling produced/fabricated by us as requested by our clients by having it in our Database.

What this means is that we inform you ahead of time (one month notice) when the sling will fall due for re-certification at no extra cost. Note that the laws stipulated re-certification of lifting gear (gear shackles etc) every six 6 months and daily inspection before putting the sling in use.

Our Testing/Certification Machines are calibrated to conform to International Specification – BS, API, Factory Act 1990, BS 1610: Part 2: 1985 Grade 1:0+-% and EN 10002-2: 1992, Certification of Calibration available.

More so, we are one of the companies that have the highest load test machine (Pulling Testing/Load Bed) in the Niger Delta Area of Nigeria.

The benefits you will derive by allowing us manage your slings are:

  • Prompt Re-certification
  • No stoppages arising due to clients site/project inspection detecting uncertified slings
  • Maintaining Quality Target by eliminating loss time in your operations
  • Opportunity to save so much man and material costs
  • Access tour qualified Engineers/Technicians on site when the need arise